The heart wants
four strong chambers,
and the freedom to play outside

The heart wants
a stable echo, and the sound of Mama reading stories at bedtime

The heart wants
every fiber connected, and snuggles
from family and friends

The heart wants
open veins instead of open-heart surgery
weight gain instead of the waiting game
deep breaths instead of breathing tubes
and time and time and time

But even through the heartbreak,
joy will still surprise you when
your littlest love doesn’t miss a beat

Some day,
your baby will weigh her
stuffed lamb at the doctor’s office,
or tell you “No!” and
startle you with her conviction

Some day,
your baby will wear swim
goggles like Papi, and dress up
for Halloween in a
hand-me-down costume

Some day
your baby will show off
new shoes to eager, obliging nurses,
and you will lose track of the
number of fist bumps

 Some day,
the wagon rides through the garden
the sleepless nights and blinking lights
the repeated prayers and the words of gratitude, will nestle themselves into the atrium of your memory, and you will know the hope wasn’t in vain.

Most of all
the heart wants
you to find the rhythm of belief:
like a drum
like a pulse
we can beat this.

Author, Celeste Clark