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Josephine’s Journey

At 7 weeks old, Josephine was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition called pulmonary vein stenosis (PVS — a rare, progressive, and serious condition in which there is a blockage in the blood vessels that brings blood from the lungs back to the heart). Josephine’s story is an amazing triumph, journeying from little hope of survival to a thriving child. By the age of 4, she has undergone 15 heart catheterizations, 2 open heart surgeries, and has a pacemaker placed. At her most intense phase of her PVS journey, she received up to 14 doses of medication per day, depended on a G-tube for nutrition, and participated in multiple weekly therapies during this time period.

Presently, the disease is stable, and she receives all nutrition by mouth, and minimal medications. Josephine adores time with her big sisters, exploring in nature with her family, and just being a kid. We attribute this success to the Divine Orchestration of the dedicated medical teams that have cared so well for her, and of the answered Prayers through the Love and support she has been blessed to receive from family, friends, and strangers. Josephine’s life has helped pave a path of hope and potential for children with PVS. At Lady Josephine Foundation, we know from experience that PVS is a life-threatening condition, but we also believe PVS is shifting from a terminal diagnosis to a chronic disease through the work of brave families, caring doctors, and specific research.


Lady Josephine Foundation was established to foster hope in the children and families battling PVS. We aim to:

  • Generate awareness in recognizing, diagnosing, and acknowledging the available treatments to fight this disease.
  • Celebrate the victories in the lives that have defied the odds.
  • Support, through prayer and means, the many people that have and will continue to pursue a treatment plan to better the lives of children with PVS.


To raise $150,000 annually which will provide families of children with PVS the means and support to receive treatment in fighting this progressive disease. These funds will also support research through various centers that are striving to better understand, develop, and implement lifesaving treatments for PVS.


In a world beset with tragedy and heartbreak, we believe that God is our deepest and truest source of hope. We
have experienced this hope in very real ways during our journey with Josephine. We believe that the life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus opens the way for a mystical union of life with God that empowers and calls us to our
sacrificial love, selfless generosity, and healing kindness through his Spirit to serve children and families in need.

Lady Josephine Foundation Trust, a non-profit (FBO), is a mandatory tax-exempt entity under Titles 26 508(c)(1)(a).